A Note from the Chair

Mainbrace | March 2018 (No.1)

John D. Kimball

As CMA Shipping 2018 convenes, we are more than a year into the Trump administra­tion and it is fair to say that the U.S. regulatory framework for the shipping industry has seen some changes. In this issue of Mainbrace, we drill down on relevant developments in “Trump and the Maritime Industry: A Look Back and Forward.” Additionally, we offer an update on the Jones Act, an important subject that continues to be a focal point for our industry, as well as offer a report on developments concerning the vexing topic of ballast water management.

In our law practice, we have continued our long-term focus on maritime environmental matters and regularly advise our clients on compliance measures. Avoiding problems is a sure way to achieve profits and value, which is the key theme of this year’s CMA conference. Along those lines, this issue of Mainbrace includes suggested tools to strengthen environmental compliance. We also continue to encounter distressing mat­ters involving cybersecurity, and offer a cautionary tale for the shipping industry that we hope our readers will take time to consider, as well as provide a thoughtful analysis on recent varying decisions and approaches from New York bankruptcy courts regarding territorial limits of U.S. Bankruptcy Code avoidance powers.

Lastly, technology continues to develop in the shipping industry and we provide a look ahead to developments in the areas of Smart Ships, drones, and innovative collabora­tion. I expect we will be focusing on these topics for some years to come.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Mainbrace and always welcome your feedback and sug­gestions for future articles.

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