What You Need to Do Now to Prepare for the New SOLAS Verified Gross Mass Deadline

Mainbrace | June 2016 (No. 3)

Jonathan K. Waldron, Patricia M. O’neill, and Dana S. Merkel

As the July 1, 2016, effective date for the SOLAS Regulation VI/2 amendments quickly approaches, unanswered questions and difficulties complying with varied international and domestic implementations loom large. In an effort to provide guidance to the industry, the U.S. Coast Guard recently issued a Marine Safety Information Bulletin, dated April 28, 2016 (MSIB Number 009/16), declaring that existing U.S. laws and regulations for providing verified container weights are “equivalent” to the requirements under SOLAS Regulation VI/2. Continue reading “What You Need to Do Now to Prepare for the New SOLAS Verified Gross Mass Deadline”

Chambers Global 2016 Ranks Blank Rome Attorneys and Shipping Litigation Practice

Mainbrace | June 2016 (No. 3)

Chambers Global 2016 recognized Blank Rome LLP as a global leader in Shipping: Litigation, as well as Partners Anthony B. Haller and John D. Kimball for their industry knowledge and leading practices. Continue reading “Chambers Global 2016 Ranks Blank Rome Attorneys and Shipping Litigation Practice”

A Note from the Editor

Mainbrace | June 2016 (No. 3)

Thomas H. Belknap, Jr.

Thank you.

Everyone appreciates acknowledgement for hard work and a job well done. It’s human nature. An occasional pat on the back makes us feel good about what we are doing, and it makes us strive harder to earn the recognition we receive. Continue reading “A Note from the Editor”

SOLAS Verified Gross Mass (“VGM”) Countdown: Will You Be Ready On July 1, 2016?

Jeanne M. Grasso, Dana S. Merkel, and Jonathan K. Waldron

Action Item: With less than 30 days remaining before the July 1, 2016, effective date of the new International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (“SOLAS”) Regulation VI/2 amendments, the International Maritime Organization (“IMO”), Administrations, and industry continue to tackle unanswered compliance questions and concerns.

Below, we discuss the most recent guidance and developments from the U.S. Coast Guard, IMO, and industry organizations, as well as our assessment and views on enforcement, to assist stakeholders in preparing for the July 1 deadline, while taking into account the unique characteristics of various operations and ports. Continue reading “SOLAS Verified Gross Mass (“VGM”) Countdown: Will You Be Ready On July 1, 2016?”

The Well Control Final Rule Is Here, Finally

Jeanne M. Grasso, Jonathan K. Waldron, and Stefanos N. Roulakis

Action Item: The recently published Well Control Rule will require significant changes to Blow-Out Preventer (“BOP”) systems and well operations. Stakeholders in offshore oil and gas operations should carefully evaluate the new measures, review safety procedures, and develop plans to come into compliance within the time frames mandated by the regulations. Continue reading “The Well Control Final Rule Is Here, Finally”

Respected Conclave Proposes Important Revisions to Chapter 15 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code

Mainbrace | March 2016 (No. 2)

Michael B. Schaedle

Chapter 15 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code enacts the Model Law (the “Model Law”) on Cross-Border Insolvency promulgated by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, which has been adopted by the United States and 40 other countries. Chapter 15 is designed to enable international reorganization by creating a straightforward means by which foreign debtors can access the American judicial and bankruptcy system to assist foreign courts in their work in reorganizing, rehabilitating, and liquidating those debtors with cross-border interests, including in the United States. Continue reading “Respected Conclave Proposes Important Revisions to Chapter 15 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code”

BIMCO’s Cybersecurity Guidelines: Shipowners’ and Operators’ Risk, Exposure, and Liability

Mainbrace | March 2016 (No. 2)

Kate B. Belmont


On January 4, 2016, the maritime industry changed forever. With the release of “The Guidelines on Cyber Security Onboard Ships” created by BIMCO, CLIA, ICS, Intercargo, and Intertanko, the maritime industry acknowledged and recognized that cyber-threats are grave and cyber-attacks are happening. The maritime industry responded to the call for greater education on cybersecurity and greater protections, and created a set of guidelines for shipowners and operators to defend against such attacks. Accordingly, as the BIMCO Cybersecurity Guidelines make clear, shipowners and operators must be proactive in protecting against such threats, and they must be responsive. While the maritime industry has been hesitant to address cybersecurity issues and embrace the new realities of operating in a world heavily reliant on ICT (information and communication technology), with the release and publication of the BIMCO Cybersecurity Guidelines, the maritime industry no longer has its head in the sand. These guidelines have become the new standard against which shipowners and operators will be judged when addressing issues related to cybersecurity onboard ships. Continue reading “BIMCO’s Cybersecurity Guidelines: Shipowners’ and Operators’ Risk, Exposure, and Liability”